Monday, 6 December 2010

Hove Seaside Villas

From the south-east
Hove Seaside Villas, now popularly described in the local press as 'Millionaire's Row', is, notwithstanding its name, invariably referred to in the local press as being in Portslade, or even Shoreham. Hove Seaside Villas comprises nos.1 to 10, Western Esplanade. Western Esplanade runs from opposite Walsingham Road, Hove, to the east end of Aldrington Basin, which end is also in Hove. From here one has to travel a good 1/4 mile to the west to where the Hove/Portslade boundary runs down the centre of Boundary/ Station Road (and then straight out to sea) in order to reach Portslade.  Shoreham, of course, is several miles further to the west although the Aldrington Basin forms part of the Shoreham Harbour area.

The confusion presumably arises because the Post Office for it own convenience, and apparently without reference to local maps and geography, has arbitrarily decreed that Hove Seaside Villas should be in Portslade, but this doesn't mean it is.

The eastern half-mile of the Aldrington Basin lies within the City boundaries and the City Council is thus involved in the redevelopment plans for the harbour.

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