Friday, 19 November 2010

The North Road Car Park Trap

Just an ordinary car park entrance with no hint to the unwary motorist of the trap that lies within. It should really have a big sign over the entrance "Warning - Entering can damage your wealth".  NO INFORMATION ON THE CHARGES IS AVAILABLE UNTIL YOU HAVE TAKEN YOUR ENTRY TICKET AND GONE PAST THE BARRIER.
It is then of course too late to do anything about it and, even if you leave immediately, you have incurred a charge of £4 minimum.

In fact the parking motorist may only become aware of the charges when they return to their car and seek out a machine to validate their ticket. The tiny notice of charges is at the top right-hand corner of the machine and shown in detail below.

Some "welcome".

Commercial operations are, of course, entitled to impose whatever charges they think profitable: but they should surely be required to display them in such a way that the consumer, in this case the motorist, has sufficient information to make an informed choice before he has incurred any costs. 


  1. You are so right! And as this is the nearest car park to the Theatre Royal, theatre-goers are looking at an extra £16 to see a play - £20 on Saturdays. Talk about a rip-off.

  2. We booked to go to Brighton city centre and stay at the premier Inn when this was booked we wasnt informed that they had no parking facilities, only when we got an email giving directions and and explaining that we would have to park in the NCP car park at extortionate cost weve booked this friday till sunday, No way are we paying these prices we will park our car just outside Brighton and get either the bus or train into the centre

  3. That is what they want you do to - leave your car outside Brighton and walk, bus or train in. There is free parking areas within walking distance of the centre, try to the east of the Lewes Road. See the parking zone map
    I have in the past reversed out of car parks rather than enter when I could not find list of charges. Charges should be clearly displayed prior to entry and visible before in the queue to enter.


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