Saturday, 31 July 2010


A view of this extraordinary church before the station development obscured it; and a view therefore that none of us is likely to see again.

It wasn't supposed to be this tall but the Rev.Arthur Douglas Wagner just ignored the protests of the Town Councillors and went on building.  The height of its nave, 42 metres above the floor ended up 1 metre higher than Westminster Abbey's and the highest of any parish church in the country. It is also, because of its cheap brick construction with minimal ornament, said to be the cheapest church per cubic metre of enclosed space of all time. This does not lessen in the slightest the visual impact on entering. The effect of the immense soaring space counterpointed in the distance by the glittering Italian mosaics and stately baldachino is simply awe-inspiring.

It has been Grade I listed since 1952 and therefore rightly enjoys the same regard and protection as the Royal Pavilion.

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