Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Royal Sussex County Hospital redevelopment

The original building of 1825 by Regency Architect, Charles Barry, also later responsible, for St. Peter's Church & the Houses of Parliament, has served us well for 185 years, especially when  one considers that modern public buildings are often only good for 25: but the Hospital Trust needs the space and the City needs modern wards and medical facilities.

Should the facade be retained as an important aesthetic element in the local streetscape; as a memorial to Barry, and a reference to the hospital's architectural history: and, if so can it be done without compromising too much on the practical aims of the redevelopment or adding to the cost? Consideration also has to be given to the fate of the attractive Hospital Chapel which stands behind the building and may have special significance for many patients, patients' families & friends.

Interested parties can meet the design team and give their views at a drop-in meeting, details here:-
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