Saturday, 26 August 2017

The Boots corner.

The 100 year-old+ White Lion Hotel building

The 1974 modernist building
Photo: RPM

The re-designed, re-clad building. 2017

Boots have had some presence on this corner since 1903. Their modernist store which replaced the White Lion Hotel building & Regent cinema in 1974 at least had architectural integrity. It was designed by Derek Sharp of the Comprehensive Design Group. But its understated. elegant modernism was all but ruined by a re-design in 1998, changing it into a semi-industrial carbuncle. The cladding hasn't weathered well and the ridiculous  mortar-board roofs still look gimmicky and out-of-place. Hopes that it might be replaced by what seemed a fine new store for John Lewis were dashed earlier this year with a change in their plans.

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