Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Pavement closed at the RSCH

Construction traffic to the hospital has to enter and leaves the site through gates on Eastern Road and has to cross the pavement to do so. For future building works this traffic will increase in intensity. To help keep everyone safe the pavement in front of the construction site is going to be closed from Monday 7th August until the new building opens in the winter of 2020/21.

The closure will be between the pedestrian crossing in front of the hospital and the east end of the hospital site, at the junction of Eastern Road and Bristol Gate. A new pedestrian crossing is being put in next to Eaton Place and will be ready for use before 7th August. Once it opens there will be a pedestrian crossing near to both ends of the closed pavement.

Editor's note: This is going to seriously increase the congestion on the narrow pavement opposite, particularly around the bus-stop. 

The pavement opposite

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