Thursday, 11 May 2017

Brighton Square development

Awaiting approval are planning applications BH2017/00762 & 00768 which are for the change of use of 12 -16 Brighton Square from retail to a single restaurant and the installation of appropriate new shopfronts. The shops in question are those on the north side of the square, shown to the right in the above photo.

BH2017/00762 also applies for the installation in the centre of the square of a large awning to provide for sheltered dining. The central fountain would be removed and its dolphin sculpture moved to the central apex of the awning above the rainwater collecting pipe. In this position it seems that it will be largely invisible to passers-by at ground level.

Present view from no.16 looking SW.

Proposed 'awning' from no.16
The awning viewed from the terrace to the south.
The Regency Society has objected to these proposals: 

Another application BH2017/00797 refers to the flats above the shops and is for the replacement of the present hanging tiles and white weatherboarding with dark grey weatherboarding in place of tiles and for white painted render to the bays. Unfortunately this is already approved. It seem a completely unnecessary modification; merely chasing a modern fad. Weatherboarding never weathers so well as tiles and white cement render quickly becomes weather-stained.

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