Monday, 17 April 2017

The Easter Monday Volunteer Review

Volunteers marching along the Marine Parade towards the Downs

THE VOLUNTEER REVIEW AT BRIGHTON.---Lord Clyde's report on the volunteer review and field-day at Brighton on Easter Monday was published on Thursday. He praises the excellence of the arrangements by which, together with the punctuality and order of the volunteers themselves, a force of 20,000 men was brought to the places of rendezvous and told off for drill and manoeuvre. The marching past was, he says, on the whole admirably performed. The manoeuvres which followed had no other object than to practise the volunteer brigades and battalions in changing position and working together in a large body. He speaks in highly eulogistic terms of the fine spirit of the volunteers, and says that the manner in which they were commanded and " the intelligent, ready way in which they obeyed the orders they received, proved how zealously both officers and men had applied themselves to the patriotic object that all have in view.".

Map of the 1871 manoeuvres from the RPM Image Store

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