Friday, 31 March 2017

RSCH Helicopter deck gets £500,000 donation

Mr Robert Bertram, Chair of the charity the County Air Ambulance Trust, visited the Royal Sussex County Hospital yesterday. He presented a cheque for £500,000 to aid with the construction of the hospital’s new helideck, which is part of the 3Ts Redevelopment of the County Hospital. The helideck, which will open in the middle of 2018, is being constructed on the roof of the hospital’s existing Thomas Kemp Tower. This is the first of two donations from the charity that will give £1,000,000 in total towards meeting the cost of the facility. It will be used to fund the ongoing helideck works in the coming financial year.

 A new lift, exclusively for transferring patients between the helideck and the Emergency Department, will be built as part of the project. Currently air ambulances have to land in East Brighton Park and patients have to be transferred to the hospital by road.

The preparations for the construction of the helideck are nearing completion and the steel work to support the deck will start arriving on site in the next six weeks. The initial construction works will be at a low level and not visible from the ground, but by the latter part of the summer the support structure will be clearly visible above the roof line.

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  1. A donation brings the RSCH into the 21st century. Typical! ����


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