Wednesday, 8 March 2017

A new milestone for the RSCH redevelopment

The 3Ts Redevelopment of the Royal Sussex County Hospital has passed another milestone this week. The move of the Radiopharmacy Team to the Hanbury Building has freed up the Nuclear Medicine Building. This is the  final area of the hospital required for the Stage 1 Building to go ahead.

The Stage 1 construction area takes up most of the south east quarter of the hospital site.

The buildings at the back of the construction area have already been removed and earthworks have started there. The Latilla and Jubilee buildings, the two largest structures at the front of the site will be deconstructed over the next two months. There will then be a clear view from the front of the construction site on the border with Eastern Road all the way back to the Thomas Kemp Tower and the Children’s Hospital that mark the northern boundary of the site.

The earthworks are preparing the site for the screw-piling that will start in the next few months. These are required to secure the sides of the site before excavation can begin. The entire Stage 1 area will have to be excavated to a depth of approximately two and half storeys so that the foundations of the building and the machinery required to run it can be put in place. It will also include an underground car park.  

The eleven storey Stage 1 Building is the larger of the two new buildings the redevelopment will provide. It will be the new main entrance to the hospital and house a mixture of outpatient, general inpatient and specialist inpatient services including Neurosciences, Intensive Care and the Stroke Unit.

Preparatory earth and foundation works for the building will continue into 2018. The building’s structure, much of which is being pre-constructed off site, will take approximately eighteen months to complete. The rest of the construction time into 2020 will be used for the specialist fit out of the building.

Further details.

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