Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Diplock's Yard

Diplock's Yard, 73 North Road

North Road began to be built up in the 1820s and the first street directory in which it appears is for 1867.  In that year number 73 is occupied by the Regent Iron & Brass Foundry, and it continued being used in the iron trade until c1892. From 1895 to c1916 it was occupied by a plumber.  In c1895 David Diplock a "truck proprietor" sited his business there. It remained in the Diplock family until 1975, hiring out small barrows and trucks. In 1958 it was being operated by the Misses Diplock.

Last year Diplock's Yard was the subject of a planning application to erect a part single, part two storey building to provide 8 office units. The application was refused, and an appeal against the refusal was dismissed.

So Diplock's Yard remains an historic yard to widen our shopping experiences and enliven our streets.

Addendum: 20 Dec. 2016. My optimism proved to be unfounded.

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  1. I remember Roy and his wife running Diplocks in the 70s Lovely fellow, and his wife was so kind. Used to make us cakes. Always welcoming. Miss them both.


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