Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Telephone Box reborn

Marine Parade

Although most public telephones have now been made redundant by the mobile phone network,  the familiar red boxes are still hanging on in conservation areas and their removal would leave the street scene much the poorer. In their favour they all have electricity supplies and are very solidly built and durable. Some in busy areas have already been ingeniously converted to coffee kiosks.

Now a series of planning applications from architects M B Design & Build, working with the charity "Thinking Outside the Box", British Telecom and other registered charities, are seeking to convert other boxes for advertising.

“Thinking Outside the Box” is a charitable trust supporting homeless projects
around the country by undertaking to give a percentage of their earnings from
the retail uses of converted phone boxes. 

It is proposed to adapt disused boxes in Marine Parade, Trafalgar Street, Churchill Square, Dyke Road and St. Peter's Place to house full height LCD screens positioned immediately behind the glazed sides of the kiosks. The kiosks will be fully refurbished, fitted with toughened glass and repainted. The only other modification needed is to the door which involves installing a lock behind the pull plate.

St.Peter's Place

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  1. I'm not keen on advertising but, if it means the Boxes get a make over and we can keep them - great, bring it on.


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