Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The 'Skylight' proposal

15 years ago the Opticon, the Moshi Moshi building in gloomy Bartholomew Square, received a Civic Trust commendation for design quality and positive impact on urban space. Its longevity is an indicator of its success. The owners have now come up with a novel proposal for overcoming lack of space for expansion. A recently filed planning application BH2015/001149 proposes a restaurant in the sky - 'The Skylight'.

This involves the construction of circulation/access tower from the existing restaurant to a new high level pavilion, with a bright copper cladding, which spans the space from the tower to the roof of Bartholomew House. 

The orientation of the pavilion, of lightweight construction, is approximately north-west so that the far end looms over the junction of Prince Albert  and Black Lion Streets as shown below. Although I have used the word 'looms' (for want of a better) the applicants prefer to liken the pavilion to an elegant, lightweight lantern floating amongst the roof-tops. Interestingly this appears to be the only location in the Lanes from which the construction will be at all obtrusive.

The new restaurant will be organised into three dining spaces; the north-west area, visible above, with views to the Downs, a south-east facing lounge with views towards the Pier, and in between, a central area clustered around an Open Kitchen and with views of the City and sea.

Brighton seems to be 'looking-up' generally.

Architects - Michael Spooner, London

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  1. Well, seen from the open side of the square it looks quite nice as the Thistle Hotel behind isn't the nicest building and gets covered a bit. Plus it isn't really seen together with the town hall, so not spoiling that nice building. But over the roofs seen from Black Lion/Prince Albert street it is a bit of an eyesore...


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