Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Old Ship Hotel Garage

The Old Ship Hotel garage was built in the 1920s to house cars of guests with fairly basic accommodation for their chauffeurs on the first floor.  The design is utilitarian and displays only faint nods to the Art Deco. But I like the uncompromising 3D lettering. No ambiguity there!

In April 2010 a planning  application was approved to demolish the garage and replace it with a 7 storey (5 storeys above ground level) hotel extension, comprising 42 bedrooms, 2 conference rooms, car parking and a restaurant/bar. In April 2013 an extension of the time limit for demolition was granted.

The latest application, BH2014/02100, demonstrates how much things have changed over the last 4 years. Evidently, the City now has enough hotel bedrooms; conferencing is increasingly being conducted over the internet; the Council has a policy of discouraging private car use and encouraging sustainabilty, and there is certainly no shortage in the area of restaurant and bars.

BH2014/02100 is for a new 6 storey building to provide 8 one bed and 10 two bed flats on the 1st-5th floors and associated cycle and car parking on the ground floor and including solar panels on the roof.
Proposed elevation on Black Lion Street
I can see just the place to reinstate the lettering . . . .


  1. Is the cycle parking similar to the fabulous contraption they have in Japan - fully automated storage? I hope so.


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