Friday, 17 January 2014

The Marina cinema

The cinema in the Marina has excellent car-parking facilities. in fact it is nearly surrounded by covered parking space. It has parking to the east, to the west and above. The south side pictured above, fully exposed to the prevailing wind and weather, contains the only entrance to the cinema. 

The free parking is a great attraction, but the potential cinema-going driver, tempted out in bad weather, has to face a 50 yard walk along the south side from either direction, to gain the shelter of the foyer. This gives ample time to arrive at the cinema with dripping umbrellas and raincoats. 

Many non-drivers might be tempted to dismiss this situation with a sardonic "hard-cheese". This would be fair comment if it were not that a simple inexpensive remedy was readily available to the original architects. Namely that of incorporating into the design a direct indoor entrance from the car park to the foyer. It is difficult to see that the omission of this feature is due to anything other than incompetence.

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