Thursday, 23 January 2014

Stanmer Rural Museum under threat.

We understand that this charming little museum, run entirely by volunteers of the Stanmer Preservation Society, is at risk. The property it occupies is part of the Stanmer House estate and the leaseholder has given the Society notice to quit by Easter. 

Meanwhile, within a few footsteps, numerous empty farm-buildings lie quietly rotting in the care of the City Council who have been trying to find commercial uses for them for over 3 years, (see  Stanmer farm buildings to be developed). The Museum isn't of course 'commercial' and would have to piggy-back on some other activity but there is no prospect of this materialising by Easter. One hopes the leaseholder, who surely cannot be unsympathetic, will have some ideas of his own for an interim solution.

Inside the listed barn

The farm-yard

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