Saturday, 17 August 2013

The petty annoyances of rail travel

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Two tickets each  purchased on the Southern Railway website on the evening of the 16th August 2013 for the same journey (10.19am) on the 17th. 

The challenge is to find any difference in the journey offered except the price.


  1. I see that the wording of the green background printing is different. Could this have a bearing? Irritating all the same.

  2. Well-spotted. I suspect this is due to the fact that the tickets were collected from different machines. Of course by that time the fares had been paid.

  3. I've asked Souther Rail for a comment. Will keep you

  4. The cheaper ticket was bought after 10am - would this make a difference to the price?

  5. Are you looking at the date of printing Wibbo? Both tickets were bought and paid for the evening before for the identical journey.

  6. I've never before looked for so long at one let alone two Brighton to London return tickets. Thanks for that new experience.

    I can't wait to hear SR's explanation and refund of £2.05.

  7. From iodinebabe:-

    Restriction Code FB
    Outward Travel Return Travel Travel is permitted on any train at any time on
    Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays.
    Return travel is permitted on any train at any time on Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays.

    Restriction Code PB
    Ticket is valid as described below & all day on Saturdays, Sundays & Bank Holidays.
    Outward Travel Return Travel
    Valid on trains arriving London Terminals at or after 10:55, Monday to Friday.
    From Uckfield Line stations passengers with Super Off-Peak tickets with restriction PB are permitted to travel on the 09:34 Uckfield to London Bridge service, calling as follows:
    Uckfield 09:34
    Buxted 09:39
    Crowborough 09:46
    Eridge 09:51
    Ashurst 09:56
    Cowden 10:01
    Hever 10:05
    Hurst Green 10:15
    Oxted 10:18
    This service arrives in London Bridge at 10:49 Valid on all trains, except those departing
    London Terminals between 16:15 & 19:15 (inclusive) Monday to Friday.

  8. Thank you iodinebabe. Sharp eyes. I'm still not clear why I was sold a PB ticket for catching the 10.19 Brighton to Victoria

    I'm still waiting to hear from Southern Rail. Perhaps they are foxed too ;)

  9. My reply from Southern Railways:-

    "Thank you for contacting us on 17th of August 2013. Please accept my apologies for the delay in our response.

    The difference in your tickets appears to be that one is a Weekend Super Off-Peak and the other is a Week Super Off-Peak ticket.

    The weekend ones are cheaper and the weekday ones are slightly more expensive. Both options are available to purchase on the weekend but obviously the cheaper one is more ideal for yourself.

    In this instance I will happily issue you £5 goodwill vouchers to cover this difference in cost if you would like.

    If you could provide us with a delivery address I will issue these vouchers for you."

    I am still not clear how I managed to buy the more expensive ticket. :-(


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