Monday, 5 August 2013

Van Alen penthouse - update

The application BH2012/03157 (see post here) to extend the westerly penthouse flat over its terrace, was refused by the planning committee on 12 Dec 2012. This decision was appealed by the applicant. The appeal has now been dismissed.

The Planning Inspector's report dated 18 July 2013 makes reference to the detrimental impact the extension would have on the spatial relationship with the neighbouring building, the disruption of the existing design by the additional bulk and mass, and the harm caused to strategic views of  the Kingscliffe conservation area from Madeira Drive.

One hopes this goes some small way to setting a precedent that architect- designed landmark buildings should not have their integrity impaired at the whim of transitory owners.


  1. I wonder if many of the other occupants objected. There would be a risk, had the change gone ahead, of the value of each property being lessened because of the detrimental impact of the change on the build's integrity.

    Well done PI.

  2. Thank you Marginalia. The Brighton Bits post and photo was cited by one of the objectors. I don't know the numbers but some of the other residents objected and some supported the application.

  3. The Planning Inspector (Sheila Holden) was Assistant Director (Environment) for Brighton and Hove City Council for 5 years c. 1997-2001 just as the Van Alen Building was completed.


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