Tuesday, 3 May 2011


The remains of the evergreen oak felled 4 weeks ago next to the Pavilion North Gate. It doesn't look as if it was in danger of toppling, perhaps the fungal infection was just affecting some of its upper parts or it was felled to minimise spread of the fungus to other trees. One tends to hope the latter reason applies. The risk of being injured by a falling tree branch must be akin to being struck by lightning and vanishingly small compared with those we take every day of our lives merely by getting out of bed.  It is depressing to think that this fine tree might have become a premature victim of our modern risk-avoidance culture.

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  1. Very depressing, but we tree lovers and huggers are fighting back. We have an 10 year oak in our garden grown from an acorn from Kew. We can swing by and replace the guillotined aristocrat.

    Unfortunately our attempts to replace all Leylandii in Walthamstow with Californian Redwoods met with failure. But we press on regardless.


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