Friday, 20 May 2011

Stanmer House Stables

These fine cobblestone and brick stables have been in a poor condition for some time but a planning application, BH2011/01219, has now been filed to convert them to 7 two-bedroom houses and one two-bedroom apartment. The latter will be situated over the archway entrance. The building shown above has a wing at each end projecting backwards so that the whole block is in the form of three sides of a rectangle around a gravel courtyard. The houses will all have front doors facing on to the courtyard. The entrance to the apartment will be inside the archway. Extra dormer windows matching the existing will be added on all sides.


  1. Love the flint faced wall. Nice, select,secluded homes for a wealthy few!

  2. Possibly. The accomodation doesn't look exactly spacious but I suppose the location will come at something of a premium.

  3. Used to go to college at Stanmer Park, wouldn't fancy that long walk home after a night out in Brighton though, ha! Beautiful building.

    P.S - and GREAT blog :)


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