Tuesday, 4 May 2010

REGENCY Magazine

Of the many free magazines & news sheets available within the City, "REGENCY", published monthly, really stands out. It is one of those magazines that it is better to read in the hand than on the internet. It is 'glossy' and looks good, is attractively illustrated and laid out, and invariably includes one or more topical issues in some depth together with interesting articles from local contributors. Regular features include: What's on; Local News, and Letters to the Editor. It is edited by Tony Davenport.

Although free, REGENCY is careful to keep the space devoted to advertising below the critical level at which one automatically blanks them out. On this account alone, if I were a local advertiser, I would be keen to get my business or product included.

If I were not one of the 12,000 residents on the regular circulation list I would be hastening to find out where I could regularly pick one up.

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