Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Save Madeira Terraces - crowdfund.

Madeira Terrace, a Grade II-listed structure running half a mile along the seafront, is falling into irreversible disrepair. This crowdfunding campaign is the crucial first step in a £24m plan to save the arches.

This campaign aims to restore at least three arches, but it will also do a whole lot more; helping the community to reimagine how all 151 could be used, unlocking £1m from the council, and proving a strong public mandate for future funding applications.

With your pledges, ideas, and volunteering we can return them to their former glory, and beyond! Once restored, Madeira Terrace will become the catalyst for regeneration of the eastern side of Brighton’s famous seafront.

Editors' note: The aim is to raise £432,589. So far the Council has donated £100,000 and 90 other backers have donated an average of about £24 each leaving about £330,000 to be raised. In the unlikely event that the rest of Brighton's adult population feels moved to donate this would require about £2 from each.


  1. I'll be donating, I'd love to see the Terrace returned to it's former glory

  2. As of Sept 24, 908 people had contributed £82,803. Even when the Council's contribution of £100,000 is included, we are still hugely short of the target which must be reached by Nov 30. Come on Brightonians, dig deep into your pockets to save the wonderful Madeira Arches.


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