Thursday, 5 June 2014

137 Edward Street

This little property on the corner of Devonshire Place never fails to catch my eye. It is sad to see it shuttered-up. It seems to date from 1893 which is consistent with the style. In that year the number 137 disappears from the street directory and the greengrocer J. Marchant who had been operating from the site had transferred to 138. By 1896 it had become a surgery. Later in the 20thC it became a tailor's.

In June 2000 a planning application for change of use to residential was approved. In Feb this year a planning application BH2014/00345 was filed and is still under consideration. This application details external alterations to front elevation including installation of new timber double glazed window and surrounding wall. 

Built into a corner with no outside area it is probably not ideal for living accommodation but it will be a relief to see it sensitively renovated and returned to full use. I wonder if it is too much to hope that the exposed wall of 26 Devonshire Place will be given a coat of paint at the same time?

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