Sunday, 22 June 2014

University litter-louts

This little tower of flint and brick is situated on the Downs above the Sussex University campus and seems designed simply to mark a viewpoint over the valley to the Amex Stadium beyond. 

The tower is without any kind of dedication but is bestrewn with the remains of barbecues, discarded wrappings and broken-glass. Perhaps a plaque to the  "Patron Saint of litter-louts" would be appropriate?


  1. I am sorry, I did this. I was really drunk though. I think you might have trodden in some of my sick. I am really really sorry.

  2. You could always go and clear it up.

  3. God, students have no taste. Crisps, Pepsi and Budwieser and instant barbis. Where's the smashed bottles of Haut Brion or a shattered magnum of Montrachet. No remains of grilled artichokes with some smeared Aioli on the walls.

    What a waste of an education.

  4. Report it to the University of Sussex. They need to know if their students are misbehaving and have discipline officers to deal with.


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