Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Dyke Road Tavern

The Dyke Pub & Kitchen (formerly the Dyke Road Tavern)  stands on the site of the former Windmill Inn . This was named for Trusler's Mill, which stood nearby, and was the northernmost of several mills along the Dyke Road Ridge. Other mills were at Port Hall and Belmont. Trusler's mill was demolished c.1890. The Inn was also owned by the miller William Trusler, first as the Windmill Inn and then Dyke Road Hotel, until 1905. Reference to the mill is preserved in the naming of "Old Mill Mews" which runs behind the pub.

The present building dates from c.1896 and is an impressive example of a purpose-built public house in Tudor revival style. It showcases all the characteristic features & flourishes; half-timbering, jettying, mullioned windows, tall chimneys. window-leading, etched glass. All executed to the highest standard of workmanship.

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  1. Stephen Gorringe: “my brother-in-law owned ‘Lambourne & Ridley’ sited
    at the Old Mill Works. Inside were pulleys and huge overhead wheels that I was told were part of the windmill, these are now incorporated in the flats”.
    Graham Ingram: “Albert Lambourne built cars (steam) c1890s. The jib for
    lifting sacks of grain for milling was still there and used to lift engines in
    and out the fitting shop on the top floor. Some of the original stone and brick flooring from when it was a mill on the ground floor”.
    Also, reputedly inset into the floor within the Garage was part of the circular iron track around which the old mill’s fan tail turned.


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