Thursday, 2 May 2013

Van Alen & the Wheel - postscript

The is about the best view that riders of the Brighton Wheel get of the Van Alen building. At the planning stage residents were in the van of the opposition on the grounds of over-shadowing and loss of privacy. This blog suggested that the first ground was largely spurious. The extent of the loss of privacy can be judged from the photo.

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  1. I do understand the 'NIMBY' concept, however, any decent zoom camera would be able to take a shot (with the correct light) of the Van Alen building verandas and seafront facing rooms. In my humble opinion, the residents have a point.

  2. You would need expensive equipment in a swaying pod I think . . .And zoom cameras can be used anywhere; from the Pier for example.

  3. a historical compendium of failed objections to important (and not to important) buildings in Brighton would be interesting.....


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