Monday, 22 October 2012

16 York Place - then & now

Then being June 2011:-

(See earlier post 16 York Place)

October 2012:-

The building has been nicely restored and given a sympathetic shopfront. The upper floors appear occupied but the shop awaits a tenant. York Place is being slowly but steadily upgraded but one wishes the Planning Department would exercise more control over shop fascia signs. Many of the existing ones appear unnecessarily large and garish for small 19th century properties.

The elegant red brick arch marks the original entrance to Pelham Street School, designed 1876 by Thomas Simpson, Surveyor and Architect to the Brighton & Preston School Board. The arch is not done any favours by the unfortunate positioning of the large road traffic sign. York Place lies within the Valley Gardens CA and to the south of this point several of its buildings are grade ll listed.

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  1. I agree with your sentiments entirely. Do you think a building was demolished to make way for the school entrance or was there a gap there anyway?


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