Thursday, 30 August 2012

Council puts fingers in its ears . . .

Yesterday at a Council Planning Meeting, Brighton Society member, architect Jeremy Mustoe, was refused the opportunity to present a three minute objection to the proposed new Dome signage.

The reason for not allowing him to speak was on the basis that ‘he did not live close to the Dome’, so his view could not be considered.

What he would have said, is now published,  and can be read on the Brighton Society website here.

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  1. It was even more scandalous that there were NO neighbour consultees. Not one. Wondering if there was even a site notice in view of this. Neighbouring residents and business operators may have a view and feel affected and appreciate having someone speak on their behalf at the next planning meeting that this application comes to.

    Raising the profile of these buildings in terms of current use is not a bad objective. Removing the ugly Corn Exchange weather thing that sticks out (word escaping me as I type) is desirable too.

    Coordinating livery would be useful as the venues are in two streets. But not with a further confusion of both black here and brass there.

    I have wondered if it could not be accomplished by using the turquoise green of the copper rooftop patinas instead of black and for the 'D' lettering (rather than either the black at street level or the brass at upper levels where drilling into listed walls to attach is proposed). Maybe using ceramics or enamelling of some kind - not copper which would be stolen.

    A discussion about what materials other than brass might be had too.

    Have to say I was disappointed watching the webcam to see the CAG representative so limp compared to cllrs Carden and Hyde and others.

    Valerie Paynter


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