Thursday, 12 July 2012

Providence Place - the winning proposal

Taking into account public views and comments the council/community selection panel has chosen the ‘Common Room’ idea, developed by Plan Projects in collaboration with Luis Trevino Architects.

This will put in place a series of environmental changes designed to harness the city’s digital and creative resources while aiming to preserve the tranquillity of the space and create opportunities for performance and social interaction.
The winning team will work with local people, businesses and the council through the Providence Place Forum to deliver the proposal.
The scheme will be given a trial run during the first two weeks of October with the most successful features becoming permanent fixtures.
Volunteers are also invited to take part in this stage of the process and undertake fieldwork to find out how people use the transformed space. Volunteers will receive training during September. Apply between 14 July and 16 September online at or call (01273) 292352 for more information.

Providence place now from SE corner

Proposed terracing

Looking west up Ann Street now.

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