Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Pavilion Gardens litter

The scene at 10 am.

Two hours later some of the litter was in the process of being cleared away by two individuals with black bags and a litter picker. They were not identifiable as Council workmen. One surmises they were simply public-spirited residents.


  1. Unfortunately, this problem grows ever worse. We really do need a major anti-litter campaign to make people realise this is unacceptable. I despair!
    ~ gerry

  2. Gerry, as I was taking the photos a gentleman stopped and said the beaches were even worse! I don't know what the answer is but surely different solutions should be tried. For example where litter bins are provided they really do need to be emptied as soon as they get full. Otherwise, confronted with a full bin, some people feel thereby "authorised" to leave their rubbish nearby, feeling the blame lies elsewhere. On the other hand rail stations seem to have got on top of the problem by removing litter bins altogether. The Council should be doing trying different ideas. .

  3. It's seem to be a real problem this summer! I cycle from Brighton to Shoreham along the beach and after every sunny day the sea front is just littered with rubbish. There are plenty of bins, it's just they are over flowing with litter.


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