Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Green Ridge & Coney Woods

This would be a pleasant, even idyllic, prospect on Green Ridge if it were not completely spoilt by the obtrusive noticeboard. Someone on the Council's staff seems to have a particular penchant for these objects, (see also "Down with seafront & other signs"). It seems the public cannot be allowed to enjoy the outdoors at face value but have to be 'educated' at the same time. Why not just leave us to enjoy the view and, if we feel so moved seek out supplementary information for ourselves? 

Now it is announced that the local wildlife group Keep the Ridge Green (KTRG) has secured a grant of £27,269 from the Big Lottery Fund, the money to be spent in providing a package of improvements for Green Ridge and Coney Woods.  The work suggested is:-

  • Creating new habitats for dormice, owls, butterflies & bats.
  • Nature trail for families.
  • Adding rustic seating near the pond.
  • Improving footpaths.
  • Creating glades in Coney Woods.
  • Improving steps and providing handrails.
One hopes that none of this work will result in a further proliferation of noticeboards. 

Coney Woods
Green Ridge Grant - Press release
Keep the Ridge Green

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  1. Just SO agree. Hove Park was last year defaced at the corner of Old Shoreham Road and Goldstone Crescent by BHCC when it erected a lurid (I mean LURID!) green 'map' spelling out the layout content. Did my head in and made me want to rip it out.

    BHCC is now labelling council owned blocks of flats with brand-BHCC logos too! Just how big is that inferiority complex going to be allowed to get before BHCC realises that just running the city well would be enough?


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