Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Mike Holland & the West Pier

A glimmer of hope?
Sorry about the flicker.


  1. Good luck to this chap, I hope he manages to do something with what's left of the pier.

    I was born in 1968, and can just about remember my mum taking me on the West Pier; the way it was left to disintegrate was, in my opinion, disgraceful...

  2. The West Pier: the gentil companion to its blousy sister. All EdwardIan and tight laced, open air services on a Sunday and frail old ladies wrapped up against the wind. Fortune tellers and imposing old soldiers with bushy moustaches telling off young boys in short trousers: "You there, stop running."

  3. I hope Mike Holland has seen the wonderful work the firm Trant has done to renew Ryde Pier, I recommend he has a look.


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