Friday, 24 February 2012

The Aldrington Basin (PortZed) plans refused

Visualisation looking west along Kingsway

The Planning Committee at their meeting on Wednesday followed the advice of planning officers and unanimously refused planning permission for this development on the south side of Kingsway, Hove. The eco-friendly features of the scheme had much to recommend it but these were outweighed by the height and bulk of the buildings proposed, visualised by the applicant in the picture above.

Chair of the council’s planning committee Cllr Phelim MacCafferty said:   “Clearly we don’t want to turn down schemes which deliver sustainable homes.  However, in this case there was too much in conflict and unresolved to be able to approve.  There was real concern about potential problems with noise from the wind turbines. There are limits in how far we can go with the height and bulk of buildings.  We cannot ignore the fact such a development would have a big detrimental effect on the neighbourhood. While we need green homes we can’t have them at absolutely any price – a price paid by the neighbours in this case.”

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  1. My old pub "The Adur" is reprieved. I must say your of the planning committee has a neat way of summing up the case. He/she is my hero/ine of the week.


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