Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Blue plaque to Charles Dickens unveiled.

Charles Dickens was a frequent visitor to Brighton where, among the places he is known to have stayed are West Street and the Old Ship. However his favourite location was the Bedford Hotel, Kings Road where he wrote large parts of Dombey & Son, partly set in Brighton. For many years his connection with the Bedford was commemorated by a plaque but, after the hotel burnt down in 1964, this was lost.

Today, the day after his 200th birthday, a new plaque was unveiled at the Holiday Inn by his great-great grandson Ian Dickens (centre). Mr Dickens gave an eloquent, witty speech which suggested he has inherited something of his ancestor's way with words. There are now 207 descendants of the great man world-wide the youngest being a few months old.

On the left is Averil Older, Chair of the Commemorative Plaque Panel, on the right the Deputy Mayor, Cr.Geoff Wells.

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