Friday, 12 February 2010

Churchill Square Traffic

A marvellous opportunity to improve the busiest part of the City was missed when the current Churchill Square was designed. A bus route could easily have been provided under Churchill Square with passengers served by escalators which would disgorge them directly into the Shopping Centre. This would have avoided all the dodging to and fro across Western Road between the buses. Buses travelling west up North St. would turn left down West St. & then right into Regency Road, under the Centre to a bus stop, and then via a reestablished Clarence Street into Western Road.


  1. just the point i keep asking (and asked at the show of plans) -- "but how will we make money from car parks, and think of all those bus fumes"

  2. I was working abroad when the plans were being discussed, otherwise I would have been with you!
    'Bus fumes'? What nonsense! What about car fumes? And I can't see that the loss of car-parking would have been significant. No, just a lack of imagination and a weak planning department I suspect.


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