Thursday, 25 February 2010

Whitehawk Hill

Only just over a mile from the Clock Tower and nearly 400 foot above sea level is a remnant of downland which offers an unrivalled viewpoint over the City & Bay of Sussex.  In the near distance can be seen the greenery surrounding the railway cutting that served the Kemptown goods station. Hidden at the north end of the cutting lies one end of the tunnel that emerges alongside the Elm Grove primary school. The south end of the tunnel is used for storage, the Elm Grove end is blocked off. What a waste of a good tunnel! 

Whitehawk HIll  includes a neolithic enclosure which was the first Scheduled Ancient monument in Sussex and is a relic of ancient habitat designated a Local Nature Reserve (LNR) with areas of species-rich chalk grassland supporting colonies of Adonis and Chalkhill Blue butterflies. Yet little is made of the site  by the City. One suspects it is rarely visited and, instead of being cherished and protected as a unique beauty spot  it has been largely ignored; or spoilt with unsympathetic encroachments, by a succession of seemingly uncaring Councils. 

I wonder how many past or present Councillors have ever walked the short distance of the western flank along Whitehawk Hill Road at sunset; or visited the site at all to see how it might be enhanced & preserved.

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