Saturday, 10 April 2021

The Church St./Portland St. corner.

w/c by William Thomas Quartermain 1850.
Collections: Royal Pavilion, Museums & Art Gallery.

Before demoliton c.1990
photo: Carol Homewood

The current proposal

The Church Street elevation
To preserve the historic feel of the street the rooflines should step down with the gradient not defy it. See the 1990's photo. A storey at least should be removed.

The massing of the proposed block.

Planning application BH2020/02801 refers. The plans have been drawn up by TODD Architects based in Dublin & Belfast and one wonders it they have visited North Laine or are even aware the site is adjacent to a Conservation Area.

The Brighton Society are strongly opposed to development along these lines and their full objection can be read here: "A wasted opportunity in the North Laine : proposed office block at 27 – 31 Church Street."

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