Friday, 22 December 2017

West Pier illumination.

The remains of the West Pier are now being permanently illuminated by a new lighting installation installed on the British Airways i360 boarding deck. The equipment was designed by Do Architecture, the firm which created the British Airways i360 tower lighting system. It uses specialist marine LED technology with sophisticated lenses to create a series of intense and focused beams of light, while consuming very low amounts of energy and requiring little maintenance. The scheme  is the result of a cooperation between BAi360 and the West Pier Trust.

Each evening after twilight, and after the starling murmuration has finished,  white light will pick out the standing ruin until midnight. The illumination will throw focused beams of white light out to the structure that will occasionally play off the rolling waves, creating a fitting adornment to the historic structure and extending the reach of its visual presence from day into night.

Earlier temporary lighting

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  1. Wow, that looks amazing, thanks for this photo! I remember as a kid (born 1968) my mum taking me on the West Pier every day; absolutely scandalous how it was allowed to fall into such disrepair. I'd also like to know what happened to all the money donated to the West Pier Trust for its restoration?

    I'd like to wish a happy and peaceful Christmas; thank you very much for the effort you put into this blog; it's much appreciated...


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