Sunday, 10 December 2017

Brighton Square proposals

Strada Trading Ltd. have applied to erect a poycarbonate & laminated timber  pavilion in Brighton Square (see BH2017/03651) to provide covered restaurant space. 

The design would not be unattractive in a more spacious public park but here it would severely restrict circulation within the Square and deprive the Old Town of one of its few public open spaces. One also fears for the susceptibility of the panels to vandalism.

The proposal also requires the reconstruction and repositioning of the Dolphin Fountain which, it seems, would also prohibit unobstructed views of it from the surrounding walkways.


  1. No sorry this is a public space snd should not be monopolised by a single commercial entity. If there were a number of eateries sharing the space for seating as happens in Europe then ok but to give it up to one greedy business is typical of the state Britain is in.

  2. That open public space belongs to the people of Brighton and Hove, we need more open spaces like this not less.
    The proposed building is far too big for such a small area of public space.

  3. Please make an objection on the planning register.


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