Friday, 8 April 2016

Listed building consent for Shelter Hall kiosk restoration

Better late than never, listed building consent has been granted for restoration of a listed kiosk on Brighton seafront.

Dating from around 1883, the yellow, 10-sided building opposite the bottom of West Street originally acted as a natural light lantern to illuminate the Shelter Hall below. Latterly it had operated as a snack bar.

It was dismantled in early February as part of £11m plans to rebuild the Shelter Hall and strengthen the A259 seafront road.  Structural deterioration meant the road, carried by a viaduct at this point, was at risk of collapse. 

Decay in the kiosk meant it needed dismantling urgently for safety reasons.   Its mild steel framework was seriously corroded and much of its woodwork rotten.  Subject to planning permission, it will be rebuilt on the East Street Bastion, a hundred metres to the east.  A new rotunda will be created on top of the rebuilt Shelter Hall.

Detailed photographs have been taken to ensure a faithful restoration.  Decorative ironwork will be used to make moulds so that missing pieces can be re-cast at a foundry in Oxfordshire.  Rotten woodwork will be replaced by Seth Evans Joinery from Patching, who worked on the council’s award-winning reconstruction of historic fishermen’s arches near the i360.  New window frames and shutters will be made.

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