Monday, 18 April 2016

British Airways i360 to get a spire.

An earlier post "What no Spire" commented on the disappointingly 'sawn-off' appearance of the 162 metre tower. This is now to be rectified. The Argus reports that the tallest building in Sussex is now to get a 11.45 metre spire making it the tallest of its kind outside of London.

If the planning application is approved, the i360 with spire  will out-top the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth which is 170 metres tall and pull further away from the 158 metre Blackpool Tower.

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  1. That's a really good idea – when you see the top above the rooftops, at the moment it looks a little too much like an industrial chimney.

    What sort of spire? Straight? Curved? Glass? Gold? Mirrored? Plain? Patterned? Competition time?

  2. Makes one proud to be brought up in...well Hove,actually.

  3. Oh yeah? How are they going to get it up there?

  4. Oh yeah? And how are they going to get it up there? Wouldn't have been better to fit a spire before they started jacking it up?


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