Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Aquarium Terraces development - 3

The design of the existing buildings on the terraces was poorly thought through. Between the edge of the promenade in Marine Parade and the unsightly roofing an inaccessible gully was created. It must always have been difficult to keep this free of litter and rubbish, but now that the site is largely derelict the problem is exacerbated,  The result is shown in the accompanying recent photos left and bottom.

Whatever one thinks of the latest proposals for the site they will at least, if approved and implemented, remove the unattractive roofing and eliminate the inaccessible gullies. 
Sections through the development with Marine Parade on right

The trade-offs are:- 
  • The loss of some public access due to the creation of a private club.
  • The momentary loss of the sea-view to pedestrians  by the development rising above Marine Parade.

A choice collection
The Conservation Advisory Group recommended refusal of the application. The Planning Committee may take a different view.

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