Monday, 7 September 2015

A Plaque for Dr.Helen Boyle

Aldrington House, New Church Rd.
City Mayor, Cr. Linda Hyde performing the unveiling.
Today at Aldrington House, New Church Road, Hove, a plaque was unveiled to Dr. Helen Boyle, Brighton's first woman GP. Dr. Boyle founded the Lady Chichester Hospital for the Early Treatment of Mental Disorders which moved to Aldrington House in 1919. Dr. Boyle worked at the hospital until the NHS took over in 1948.
She died 9 years later at Pyecombe.

Dr. Boyle was a pioneering doctor and psychiatrist whose ground-breaking approach to treating mental illness changed the lives of countless working-class women and was critical to the acceptance that mental illness could be identified early and treated. She became the first female consultant psychiatrist at the Royal Sussex County Hospital and in 1939 the first woman president of the Medico-Psychological Association.

Dr. Boyle was also honoured for her war work in Serbia and the unveiling was attended by the Serbian Ambassador.

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