Friday, 10 October 2014

Go-ahead for Open Air Theatre.

Planning permission has been granted for BOAT, the Brighton Open Air Theatre.

A disused bowling green in Dyke Road Park will be landscaped to form an amphitheatre shape, with a three-metre acoustic wall to dampen noise during performances.

Highest parts would be just 1.5m above the existing footpath, with the stage about the same depth below.

It would have seating capacity on grass terraces for 425 people.  Lighting would be set up when required.

The permission will allows performances up to 10pm, Monday to Saturday and 6pm on Sunday.  They may take place up to six times a week or 22 times per month.

The charity Brighton Open Air Theatre (BOAT) will run the venue.   Performances would be staged by local schools, colleges, community groups and touring productions.  It would also be a Brighton Festival and Fringe venue.

When not in use it would be a sitting-out area for the general public.  Wifi would be installed in due course.  The adjacent Pavilion would serve as offices for production staff.

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