Monday, 10 February 2014

Travellers hit Preston Park

These may be the same ones that were evicted from Sheepcote Valley and then moved on to downland at Tongdean. The description 'travellers' seems somewhat contradictory.  They seem very attached to Brighton.


  1. Parking in Preston Park is now restricted. I wonder if the parking wardens will be round there?

  2. When a group of ' travellers' turned up last year the parking wardens were no where to be seen.

  3. I live in brighton took myself our kids and hubby the dog to preston park 4 weeks ago just before I gave birth to our 3rd child and got a parking ticket there was no sign nearby 20 mins later go bk to car on sunday lunchtime to 35 pound ticket, they wont get one,

  4. From The Argus, thursday 13th Feb:-

    "On Tuesday, parking enforcement officers went to the traveller’s camp of 17 vehicles and found them in contravention of parking regulations.

    Following the travellers’ arrival last Friday, the council filed for a possession order of the land with the county court, with a hearing due to take place on Friday. . . . .

    The travellers moved to Preston Park from the Waterhall Playfields."


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