Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Hippodrome proposals - video

A polished video presentation of the architect's proposals.

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  1. This clinches it for me. This is pretty good and the best we are likely to get. Especially when you take into account that the architects are pledged to make all alterations to the Hippodrome reversible. Those who have been wittering on about a live entertainment venue for decades should face up to the fact that there is NO demand and its not going to happen.

  2. Not so fast, Anonymous (who?). There IS a demand for live entertainment. A higher proportion of people go to the theatre than attend a music or sporting event (Guardian, 26 September 2013). The exterior design is indeed excellent and would improve that part of the Old Town. But not everything in the last seen version of the plans for the interior was reversible. The stage (unique in Brighton and one of the best in the country) and the fly tower would be demolished and without them the building could not revert to being the flexible space for live performance that it could still be again. Cinemas are only as popular as the films they show. Because mainstream cinemas therefore all show the same films, the Hippodrome would divide the audience that currently goes to the Odeon in the next street. Could both survive? Unlikely. There are better places for another cinema in the city: the plans for one near King Alfred could be revived. Most importantly, the new City Plan has the great aspiration to make Brighton & Hove the cultural and entertainment hub of the region. A cinema would do nothing towards that but a lyric theatre (with exciting additional spaces, including cinemas) to complement the Theatre Royal, the Dome concert hall, the Brighton Centre and all the smaller venues is an unmissable opportunity to fulfil that aspiration. I and many others will carry on wittering on.

  3. Yep, I was disappointed to see a restuarant where there once was a theatre. What I saw there can't be classed as high art - Max Bygraves, Ken Dodd, Harry Worth - I'm sure Max Miller played there. However, it was live, exciting and filled your imagination. Now, if accepted, it'll just fill your gut.

    We need more theatre, more risk taking, less food

  4. I went over the Hippodrome a few months ago. it is in a poor condition. Something needs to be done now; and there is the money available behind the current proposal to do it.


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