Sunday, 15 September 2013

Royal Pavilion Elms

This is looking ominous. I hope the localised dying leaves don't signify disease. It is one of the pair of giant elm trees just inside the North Gate. The sister tree just a few yards away was recognised in 2002 as one of 50 'Great British Trees' in the national heritage.


  1. A reassuring message from David Archer of David Archer Associates, Arboricultural Consultancy, Kingston Buci, West Sussex:-

    "I inspected these trees for BHCC this Friday - it's localised die-back caused by Squirrel damage. The juveniles gnaw the bark and girdle small stems. This is usually not significant for the long term health of the tree."

  2. I hope quedula is correct in his diagnosis. With the Ash tree problems of the last year or so I would hate to see any trees at the Royal pavilion being unwell.


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