Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Hannington Lane & Brighton Square plans

Entrance to Hannington Lane from Brighton Place

The above simulated view is from application BH2013/00710 for the creation of a new lane, 'Hannington Lane'. To the left can be seen cobbles of the Druid's Head and next to it, on the corner of the entrance to Brighton Square, a recreation of the former 4-storey Hanningtons dormitory building. Next to that is the entrance to a new 26-room boutique hotel to be built over shops on the east side of Brighton Square. This is proposed by application BH2013/00715. A further application, BH2013/00712, proposes rebuilding the west & north sides of Brighton Square with an extra floor to provide 3-bedroom town houses over shops. These proposals would leave only the south side of the Square at its present height (with the exception of the 'dormitory' building. )

Present view
Beyond the hotel is the remodelled entrance to the Hanningtons undergound car park and, further on, the 'constant reveal' aimed for by the architects with a medley of facades and roof heights and the pink granite cupola of the Leeds Permanent building constantly in view. The latter is at present invisible from this location.

Puget's Cottage

Passing further down this lane the pedestrian will have the option of turning left  to Meeting House Lane or exiting into North Street past a restored and adapted Puget's Cottage.

To provide the entrance to Hannington Lane from North Street it is proposed to demolish 15 North Street (Timpsons) and provide an open-to the-sky passageway. This will reveal inviting glimpses of Puget's Cottage and the buildings beyond to pedestrians in North Street.

Proposed entrance from North St.

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