Sunday, 3 March 2013

The East End . . .

 . . . of the Undercliff.

Walkers reaching the far east end of the Undercliff, 500 yards beyond Saltdean Gap, cannot help but feel a sense of anti-climax. Not only is it an inevitable dead-end but the once dramatic glimpse provided of the untamed cliffs beyond is there largely obscured by a concrete barrier. This barrier, to judge by the usual warning notice, is mainly designed to deter the rash-minded from "entering the caves" in the small bay beyond. 

Looking east.
Google Earth view.
The last 310 yards of the Undercliff Walk lie beyond the city's boundary and were built by Chailey Rural District Council in 1963. Presumably it is now the responsibility of Lewes District Council. One can understand that they might not feel the same commitment to the Walk as a visitor attraction as BHCC.

At the moment there is one derelict seat. The site seems to be calling out for something to make it more of a destination, such as a site-specific sculpture. Maybe Thomas Heatherwick or Anthony Gormley has something looking for a home?



  1. Do you remember when a large chuck of cliff crashed into the back yard of the Asda in the marina? Couldn't get un der the cliffs for months!


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