Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Return of grass

After an autumn and winter of unsightly mud, green returns to the western lawn of the Pavilion. A turfing company was, this morning, speedily laying turf from a continuous roll mounted at the front of a special machine. 

At the eastern lawn the last traces of the skating rink & restaurant are being removed. Spring is in the air!

These oases of green in the City centre are intensively used and very important to residents and visitors alike. A lot of the deterioration in the western lawn was attributable to being covered by the temporary Festival structure throughout May. One wonders if this might have been asking too much of the grass.

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  1. I do wonder if a cost/benefit analysis has been done concerning use/loss/replacement of the Pavilion lawn and the one up in Stanmer (was it?)after festival crowds ground them to mud. It is so squalid too - makes these events look bad.


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